These are the different massages that I offer. I enclose price information to save you time and consultas.este year I have adjusted the rates to the times ... that I may know very deeply. If you ask me what I recommend, I will tell you not necessarily the most expensive, because it depends on your personal preferences.
Of course, the ideal length of any of these massages is 90 minutes, in fact are intended for this time, but also offer the possibility to summarize an hour to make them more affordable.

-Massage Thay Melee and Interactive. This massage has two versions, 90 minutes and 1 hour (summarized). I do it on a futon or Japanese bed and as its title indicates, to use my whole body massaging, and I let you touch me all over my body except the genital area. The version of an hour is worth € 100 and 90 minutes worth 150 €.

-Massage Delikatessen. It is the most recommended and they ask me, because it is a very complete massage, linking many more techniques, merging Tantra Thai, other techniques such as Nuad-Thai and tantric postures to make a very sweet end and erotic, unforgettable. The 90-minute version worth 180 € and 60 minutes worth 120 €.

-Massage Delikatessen Suprem In all previous massage techniques anal or prostate stimulation adds. It's a very intense experience, they have told me that is sublime and makes you daydream. The version of an hour is worth 130 € and 90 minutes worth 195 €.

-Massage to couples All these massages (except basic) can also offer them to couples. You'll see that you can make a very original and exciting surprise your partner! .

-Massage Magnum This masje is a summary of all the previous one, only more intense, more and more erotic sensuality + .Also a deeper technique is used ... The time goes to 150 and 90 minutes at 200.

-These prices are for massages in my place

-prices TO HOTEL- Magnum. 200 hour, 90 minutes and 300 Suprem 150 and 200 hour 90 minutes (expenses for Barcelona included)
Do not hesitate to meet and have a great pleasure ... I hope.
If you have questions, do not hesitate to write to me, I will try to answer quickly: Black gay Erotic Massage in Barcelona.